Sponsoring Gigabit Nation

Sponsoring Gigabit Nation

Gigabit Nation is a cost-effective marketing vehicle for building relationships with broadband project teams, planners and community stakeholders. This popular radio talk show has had thousands of listens since launching in August, 2011, and the number’s steadily increasing. Guests provide useful information and insights to help public, private and nonprofit organizations get more, better broadband everywhere it needs to be in the U.S.


Why You Should Be a Gigabit Nation Sponsor

Gigabit Nation is a unique and powerful media outlet in the community broadband arena. A key benefit it brings to sponsors is the blending of traditional talk show radio with interactive links to social media such as Twitter and Facebook. The potential for creating leading edge marketing tactics is huge.

  • Target market segments for specific products and services.
  • Simultaneously stimulate short-term market response and execute long-term branding.
  • Sponsors get experienced professional marketing assistance maximizing their digital marketing messages and special offers.
  • Complement and extend your traditional or social network marketing.
  • Sponsorship is potent content marketing because shows are current, topical and gives listeners tips and news they can use now.
  • Develop interactive relationships with customers and prospects through Gigabit Nation’s online integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Contribute to and help shape an awesome broadband media resource.

With internationally recognized broadband analyst and consultant Craig Settles at the helm, Gigabit Nation has developed industry credibility and a loyal following. The show continues to accelerate monthly listens through expanded broadband topics and current news coverage. Sponsors’ brand gain additional exposure via Gigabit Nation promotions on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Get specific details today on how Gigabit Nation can help you build relationships with people who need your products and services. E-mail today (craig@cjspeaks.com) or call 510-387-4176 now.