Before buying a $100,000 feasibility study, ask the right questions first

What benefits can your constituents generate with highspeed Internet access? Are there enough constituents who collectively can financially sustain a community broadband infrastructure?

If you want your network to generate enough revenue to offset your investments, you have to target community businesses, local government agencies, your medical and healthcare community and your local school districts and colleges. To fund this network, economic development fundraising can be your key to success.

We provide a three-step process to identify and motivate customers and support for your network as well as identify organizations that will assist with the marketing of your network.

1. A series of preliminary interviews with key stakeholders creates the foundation of your plan. Expect many of those interviewed to become network champions and a mini sales force within their respective constituencies.

2. A two-day workshop for broadband teams, community stakeholders, local government officials and others supporting community broadband. Attendees will learn how broadband can meet their specific needs, calculate the financial and other benefits, and estimate some potential broadband adoption rates. The workshop also addresses fundraising and business model option.

3. A written needs analysis report based on observation and feedback from workshop, and a free conference call outlining potential next steps.

If the needs analysis process convinces your community that broadband network can benefit your constituents, an economic fundraising campaign could be your next step.

Check out the testimonials. Then call us to discuss how our workshop can help you are broadband efforts: 510-387-4176.