Telehealth Strategy Plan To Combat COVID-19 Impact

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Telehealth can affect how well we survive COVID-19’s (coronavirus) impact. But without affective planning and reliable broadband, the battle could be lost!

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This telehealth strategy planning service combines 1) a broadband and healthcare infrastructure checkup, 2) a short telehealth needs assessment, and 3) a prescription (strategy plan) for a unified community telehealth and broadband deployment/enhancement.

Putting COVID-19 its place

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Telehealth brings huge value to residents during this pandemic, though it may not affect COVID-19 directly. A short, intense fact-finding journey, capped with a day-long video planning session assists stakeholders (Departments of health, local healthcare facilities, broadband teams, city staff) create tactics that could include:

  • Transferring non-COVID patients from hospitals to alternate facilities for treatment if area hospitals become overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients;
  • Upgrading communities’ ER care and emergency medical services; and
  • Expand/improve healthcare to underserved and vulnerable populations.

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Telehealth uses intranet and Internet networks to diagnose, administer, initiate, assist, monitor, medically intervene, and/or report on the continuum of care (CoC) – everything done medically to heal patients. I help you prioritize several short-term telehealth services.

But no broadband, no telehealth! When you need internet connectivity in a hurry, wireless can carry the day.  Let’s explore hotels, other un-used places with wireless plus public dark fiber to boost broadband for telehealth within or around those alternative facilities.

Along with telehealth tactics, I have an eye for effective solutions to broadband challenges thanks to 15 years in community broadband.

Call today 510-378-4167. Or e-mail: craig @ cjspeaks dotcom.


With our broadband services 1) generate more revenue from your infrastructure investment, and 2) create more opportunities to raise money to build a network.

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We enable you to produce a community asset that delivers both short-term and long-term benefits for your constituents.

Be sure to read Building the Gigabit City by broadband industry analyst, advocate and consultant Craig Settles. This book use you a starting point to making the best use of our services and broadband information.

When you want broadband strategies that works, call Craig Settles (510-387-4176) or e-mail craig @ cjspeaks dot com.