Save Lives, Speed Up Healthcare!

Use Telehealth and Community Broadband to transform public health!

We offer a 2-hour Zoom session with your key broadband and healthcare stakeholders to address the question, “How to use telehealth to transform public health for those who need it most?”

This transformation helps close the “healthcare gap” between those who have access to affordable, quality healthcare, and those who do not. A group assessment and discussion helps the community determine how telehealth and other digital technologies specifically improve the community’s health.

The service includes:

  • general assessment of the community’s health the local broadband;
  • summary the six elements of telehealth and related broadband;
  • brainstorming for telehealth and broadband tactics to improve public health.

If community leaders already know the basic value of telehealth and want to create a strategy for public health, we can either conduct a two-day workshop with telehealth, broadband and digital stakeholders, or we can create a multi-faceted telehealth strategy for public health. Call for details 510-387-4176. Or e-mail: craig at cjspeaks dot com.


With our broadband services 1) generate more revenue from your infrastructure investment, and 2) create more opportunities to raise money to build a network.

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We enable you to produce a community asset that delivers both short-term and long-term benefits for your constituents.

Be sure to read Building the Gigabit City by broadband industry analyst, advocate and consultant Craig Settles. This book use you a starting point to making the best use of our services and broadband information.

When you want broadband strategies that works, call Craig Settles (510-387-4176) or e-mail craig @ cjspeaks dot com.