Money makes the broadband world go round

Don’t let the lack of money sink your plans for faster broadband and better healthcare. CJ Speaks teams with the leading economic development firm to raise millions for municipal and co-op-owned broadband.

National Community Development Services (NCDS) has raised over $1.6 billion in 500 communities in 46 states since the company started 1975 for local economic development projects. NCDS joins CJ Speaks to conduct needs assessments and execute tactics in a winning combination for communities.

4-Step economic development fundraising for broadband

Step 1 – One-on-one meetings and groups session site 2-day workshop to get stakeholders as well as identify key funders.

Step 2 – The needs analysis determines, among other things, what factors should lead to success and what marketing tactics will lead to a successful fundraising campaign.

Step 3 – An option pilot test adds to useful information so community stakeholders make better decisions. We also assess potential network and telehealth customers while test marketing messages and sales tactics.

Step 4 – Establish the foundation for a successful fundraising campaign. This includes: setting achievable dollar goals; recommending positioning and packaging; identifying other critical success factors; and establishing campaign timelines.

A combination of this needs assessment, your community’s creativity and proven NCDS tactics to inspire generous results. We ensure your complete satisfaction.

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