Workshops and Training Sessions

Building Successful Broadband Plans

Whether you are just exploring your broadband network options or you’ve already started putting the pieces in place, you’ll learn many valuable lessons from this workshop, including:

  • how to make the business case for broadband;
  • what technology options make sense;
  • business models that go beyond the obvious;
  • constituent and stakeholder groups to involve; and
  • how to manage deployment logistics.

This full-day workshop (or two half-day sessions) encourages you to ask – and answer – tough questions you need to address. Avoid the pitfalls facing communities that jump in without the proper due diligence or planning. Learn how to get it right.

The following is a typical workshop topics. However, we customize your workshop to meet your specific needs.

Goal setting, round 1

Your team likely has several general goals for the broadband network, and these are refined with pre-session research. The day’s presentation start with a short group discussion on these goals.

Know your technology options

Fiber is the technology that grabs many headlines, but there are other technology options, as well as variations on how wired and wireless networks can be configured and deployed. This segment shows you how to research and determine which technologies are best for meeting your needs, as well as give you a high-level view of some common options and how they may impact your community’s goals.

Push the envelope on business models

Many people believe they have only two or three options for broadband business models, or how to fund these networks. However, communities have over a dozen viable options (as  of now) to fund,  operate and partner to bring faster, better broadband to constituents. This creative segment explores with you these possibilities.

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