What Would You Ask Econ Dev Professionals about Broadband?

Last year, I conducted my annual survey of International Economic Development Council (IEDC) members to get econ dev professionals’ take on how broadband impacts local economies. Here’s the final report from that exercise –  http://www.cjspeaks.com/msp/IEDC2012.pdf.

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This year I made a few changes to the survey and distributed it to an audience that included local government staff, ISPs, consultants and others involved with broadband projects who aren’t economic development pros. The survey asked some new questions and tackled several different broadband policy issues. You can get that report here – http://cjspeaks.com/msp/BBC2013.pdf.

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In a couple of weeks I’ll swing back full circle and survey IEDC members for 2013. I’ll present survey results I’d like the survey to be significantly different this time in terms of the kind of economic development issues it profiles. I’d like to get feedback from this blog’s readers to help shape the survey.

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Should I probe how people are measuring economic success? Are there policy issues at the state and Federal levels that these folks who deal with local economies for a living should address? Are there questions that I missed with these last two surveys?

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I need to have the survey designed and queued up by Monday (July 29), so anything you can suggest, add, etc. here over the next couple of days is greatly appreciated.

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