Capture more sales opportunities in the community broadband market! With his expertise in community broadband and over 25 years of technology marketing experience, Craig Settles gives vendors and service providers a competitive edge in this space.

Radio Talk Show Sponsorship

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Gigabit Nation is a unique marketing platform that integrates tradition talk radio with interactive new media communication capabilities. This key source of news, tips and strategies for getting faster, better broadband into more communities is a popular and effective means of getting your marketing messages out, and building relationships with broadband stakeholders nationwide.

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Content Marketing Increases Awareness

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More cost effective than traditional collateral materials, Mr. Settles’ special reports and articles are popular with the decision makers and influencers you want to reach. Sponsoring his content gives you credible repeated exposure among this audience, as CalixCiena and CapeNet have discovered.

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These reports give project teams, government agencies, stakeholders and constituents valuable tips, insights and recommendations getting broadband where it needs to be. Equally important, his analysis helps communities maximize the benefits broadband delivers after networks are built.

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Mr. Settles’ documents are persuasive vehicles for educating your market, and a platform for your senior executives and organization to influence future sales. Sponsorship packages include marketing services and distribution rights that deliver additional value.

Hosted Workshops Generate Sales Leads

Craig Settles is a world-renown speaker whose presentations on deploying and using broadband to impact economic development, education and healthcare delivery give attendees lessons they can quickly implement in their communities. Hosting these sessions for communities increases your brand exposure and relationship-building opportunities with community broadband decision makers and stakeholders.

Mr. Settles delivers half-day and full-day hosted presentations with detailed  instructions on how to identify funding sources, conduct effective research, assess business models, create  pilot projects and execute effective marketing tactics. His no-pressure learning environment plus complementary educational content from you provides added value to session participants, and creates a long-term positive word-of-mouth support for your brand.