This service helps municipalities and co-ops determine what categories of telehealth and services subscribers want their community-owned broadband networks, or broadband in general, to facilitate.

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A committee comprised of community stakeholders works with National Community Development Services (NCDS) and I to create general parameters by which we evaluate and select pilot test apps. We offer initial recommendations based on the community’s demographics. One-on-one interviews add to our data.

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Constituents surveys are an option to add further input into the evaluation process. We identify community resources to facilitate delivery of three or four telehealth apps.

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Based on our assessment, we develop a three-month telehealth pilot test. After the pilot, participants will complete an evaluation. The committee convenes for a debriefing and goal setting meeting. The group then sets a course of telehealth action.


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With our broadband services 1) generate more revenue from your infrastructure investment, and 2) create more opportunities to raise money to build a network.

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We enable you to produce a community asset that delivers both short-term and long-term benefits for your constituents.

Be sure to read Building the Gigabit City by broadband industry analyst, advocate and consultant Craig Settles. This book use you a starting point to making the best use of our services and broadband information.

When you want broadband strategies that works, call Craig Settles (510-387-4176) or e-mail craig @ cjspeaks dot com.