Glendale, CA

The City of Glendale, CA contacted to assess the needs of Glendale’s government and diverse constituents for a highspeed wireless network.  The process of workshops, interviews, surveys and analysis concluded with recommendations to the City for moving forward with a municipal broadband network.

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A primary objective was to determine the direct or indirect financial impact of the respective City department’s use of a municipal broadband network. This served as the basis for proposing practical business models for the network.

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Another objective was to identify potential business partners that could be co-anchor tenants on the network, or in some other relationship help the City offset some of the network costs. Potential partners also were evaluated for their ability to contribute in some way to the network’s technology requirements.

Tasks and deliverables for this project included:

  • On-site workshop and goal setting for the City’s wireless taskforce of department managers and constituent representatives
  • Analysis of key City departments, including police, fire, utilities, building inspections and parking management to determine the productivity and financial impact of their tapping into the network
  • Interview and analysis sessions with representatives of Glendale’s business, medical and education constituencies
  • Online survey of local businesses
  • A technology inventory that cataloged what resources, either from the City or key constituents, could be leveraged in the network design and buildout
  • Identifying potential sources of grants or other funding

Glendale CIO Imelda Bickham summarizes the benefits of working with

Craig Settles has been instrumental in helping our organization develop a strategy to move our wireless network initiative forward. He is very knowledgeable, his deliverables have substance. I also recommend his book: “Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless.”