Money makes the broadband world go round

Don’t let money sink your plans for a broadband network that your community can own. CJ Speaks teams with the leading economic development firm to raise millions of dollars for public broadband, as well as networks built by co-ops and public-private partnerships.

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National Community Development Services (NCDS) has raised over $1.6 Billion for local economic development projects nationwide, and is expanding its successful fundraising expertise to communities that believe broadband will boost their economic engines. CJ Speaks’ philosophy on broadband funding and experience conducting needs assessment dovetails with NCDS’ tactics to create a winning combination for communities.

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Our process of economic development fundraising requires an open mind and a commitment to hard work to deliver the most beneficial outcomes. In addition to opening new paths to potential funding opportunities, these services also develop a foundation for your network infrastructure’s long-term financial success.

4-Step economic development fundraising for broadband


Step 1 – On-site 2-day workshop.

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These sessions a) get stakeholders and others on the same page, b) are the initial stages of a needs analysis, c) make sure your community is asking the right questions in the feasibility studies, d) identifies initial potential funding sources.

Step 2 – Needs analysis.

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This custom-tailored process a) verifies the network’s potential benefits, b) assesses factors that will impact network costs, c) determine what business model is best suited for your community, d) assesses factors that lead to buildout success and the network’s marketing success, and e) identifies short-term pilot project funders as well as potential long-term network funders.

Step 3 – Pilot project.

A pilot project generates useful information to make better decisions. We develop a pilot to validate a) the needs analysis results, b) buildout costs and time and c) revenue assumptions. We also test marketing messages, identify potential first-tier fundraising contributors and create waiting lists for post-pilot sales activities.

Step 4 – Network buildout fundraising.

We combine your community’s unique broadband needs with proven NCDS tactic to inspire generous results. NCDS staff a) create successful fundraising game plans, b) train stakeholders and volunteers in ROI fundraising, c) provide support from beginning to end, and d) leave a system in place for other economic development fundraising projects.

We ensure your complete satisfaction at the end of each step before we progress to the next level. Your community can chose to pursue any or all of these services.

Be sure to read “Show Me the (Hidden) Money for Community Broadband,” which has loads of useful tips and advice for using the needs analysis process to identify organizations that might fund benefits that broadband delivers.

Give us a call today (510-387-4176) or e-mail craig @ cjspeaks dot com.