Organization City of Ammon
Communities Covered Ammon (primarily) fiber into neighboring city and county for schools no homes yet
Goals of the Network

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Our goal was to provide service to these groups in this order of importance:
1. City Businesses - Utilities and government (we were outsourcing before)
2. Public safety
3. Service to schools
4. Service to businesses
5. Service to residences

Goals Achieved

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All achieved, but residences (working on business model currently. Don't know if they're authorized by the state to provide).
Increased efficiency at school level. They are able to provide 10Gb at 1/3 the cost of an outside provider.

The Network's Impact
  • Improving K-12 education
Initial Investment Amount $1,000,000.00
Investment Covered Yes
Source of Investment
  • Capital fund
Investment Repaid? We had/have no obligation to repay the initial investment (e.g. it was a grant)
Services offered
  • Wholesale via open access network (ISPs sell retail)
  • Sell dark fiber services
  • Own and sell data center services