Organization City of Cortez (Cortez Community Network)
Communities Covered Cortez
Goals of the Network

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Upgrade connectivity to rest of the world - pretty rural place (1999-2005)
Benefitting government and community
Connected schools and all Government offices by 2005
Economic Development in general

Goals Achieved

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All goals achieved.
Unlimited Learning Center - GED, Adult Ed., community college access. Cortez was bonding 6 P1s together to enable learning to outside colleges ($1200/mo) for bonded T1 lines (6Mb). Very unreliable.
With fiber network they were able to increase to 50Mb for much lower cost.
5x increase in bandwidth for half the price.
Now can multiple video service simultaneously without bumping students. Connected to Alaska as well.
Don't get private information about business sales/productivity increases since they are not end provider.

The Network's Impact
  • Impacted/impacting all four equally
Initial Investment Amount $5,000,000.00
Investment Covered No
Source of Investment
  • Capital fund
  • Federal or state grants
  • Other
Other Source of Investment State grants & Capital fund balance
Investment Repaid? Repayment date estimated
Should be repaid by 04/01/2015
Services offered
  • Wholesale via open access network (ISPs sell retail)
  • Sell dark fiber services
  • Other
Other internet related services

Government ran like a co-op