Organization City of San Leandro
Communities Covered City of San Leandro primarily, although the network also extends to businesses in Berkeley, Oakland and Santa Clara.
Goals of the Network

Development of the network had multiple goals:
1) retention of San Leandro's largest tech company, OSIsoft, which had threatened to leave without access to the speeds offered by fiber optics
2) creation of technical infrastructure that would accelerate City Council goals regarding fiscal sustainabiity (new investment and business attraction, retention and expansion), build strong connections between the City and its Schools, and develop San Leandro as a Center for Innovation
3) Provide San Leandro businesses with a state of the art connection to the internet to help them expand opportunities.

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The network is called Lit San Leandro. It is being built (and still expanding) through a public/private partnership with Dr. Patrick Kennedy, the CEO and Founder of OSIsoft, and the U.S. Department of Commerce/Economic Development Administration through provision of a $2.12 million matching grant. Called Lit San Leandro, the fiber optic loop will be 20 miles upon completion in 2017.

Goals Achieved

1) Not only did the City retain OSIsoft, but the company CEO has become partners with a developer, Westlake Urban, that is constructing the new 750,000 sf San Leandro Tech Campus adjacent to the San Leandro BART station (formerly a Del Monte cannery, which closed in the 1950's). The first 130K sf building, nearing completion, will become OSIsoft's new headquarters. The developer is now also planning 200 units of market rate residential on top of podium parking next to the office space. This site will be home to the first distributed renewable energy micro grid in San Leandro, the beginning of a city-wide distributed renewable energy micro grid to be developed through a public/private partnership with ZipPower LLC, the City of San Leandro, OSIsoft, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, PG&E and many other strategic and development partners. The fiber optics is a key infrastructure tool for extracting the data that will be needed to manage the micro grid. Total investment? At least $300 million over the next few years as the campus is built out.

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2) The City's focus has been to build public/private partnerships that achieve City Council goals regarding economic, technology/fiber optic network and environmental resilience. The most visible success of this strategy is development of The Gate, the transformation of 400,000+ sf of a former Chrysler Dodge auto plant into the largest 3D desktop printing hub in the world – the Bay Area Advanced Manufacturing group (BAAM). This same building received over $20 million of new investment by a Chicago REIT in 2015.

Today, over 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial building space and over 250 businesses are now connected to Lit San Leandro. Recently, the City launched a new public private partnership with ZipPower LLC, OSISoft, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, GELI and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to create a City-wide distributed renewable energy micro grid – a power plant on every roof and parking garage! The first phase -- providing solar, battery storage, electric vehicle chargers and other services to a minimum of 6 million square feet of industrial building rooftops -- is backed by investors providing $250 million of financing to build the micro grid. Development of the San Leandro ZipPower platform and micro-grid is backed by a $1.5 million planning grant from the California Energy Commission under its EPIC Challenge: Accelerating the Deployment of Advanced Energy Communities.

3) All 17 San Leandro Unified School District sites are being connected to the internet through to a dedicated, ubiquitous, synchronous 10 gbps fiber optic link through the City's fibers, with the entire system going live before school starts in August 2016. All electrical systems and technology equipment have been upgraded to allow for a future 40 gbps connection! Total project costs exceeded $3. Total benefits to students? Priceless.

The Network's Impact
  • Boosting economic development
  • Improving K-12 education
Investment Covered We deployed the network in phases after paying for initial buildout
Source of Investment
  • One or more businesses invested
Investment Repaid? We had/have no obligation to repay the initial investment (e.g. it was a grant)
Services offered
  • Other (Please specify)
Other internet related services

Our private partner runs the network. The City of San Leandro owns all of the network conduit, except laterals. The private partner, Dr. Patrick Kennedy owns the installed fiber (San Leandro Dark Fiber) and leases dark fiber to ISP's (Lit San Leandro). This is a commercial broadband network only. FTTH has not yet been explored.