Organization Indianola Municipal Utilities, Indianola, IA
Communities Covered Indianola, IA
Goals of the Network

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1. Develop facilities that effectively deliver content over the network Activities include designing, building, and maintaining a publicly-owned active Ethernet system from PoP to premise.
2. Coordinate an integrated customer-centric partnership that ensures early customer base growth is successful at levels that propel future market share expansion. Activities include implementing synergistic service delivery at a common storefront.
3. Establish a development program that helps grow a vibrant Indianola tech economy within the Des Moines metro.

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Preferred Outcomes:
1. The network enhances Indianola's economic vitality.
2. IMU enhances its value to, and relationship with, customers.
3. The integrated partnership customer service center is managed efficiently.
4. Barriers are reduced to accessing new technologies able to provide better public services.
5. Economic growth is pursued along the entire economic growth continuum.

Goals Achieved

The first two major phases of the network have been constructed. The IMU Partners Program has been formed. An economic development delivery model, in conjunction with Simpson College, has been implemented. Public "anchor tenants" such as the city, schools, county, and Simpson College save significant amounts by having interconnected buildings using IMU's dark fiber. Retail businesses using T-1 lines and other, older, telecom services are also saving monthly fees. Residential customers save 10-25% per month. The integrated customer service center does keep the initial phases affordable. Cooperative marketing about the value of the network to the community (vs. targeting only specific potential customers) is just now being implemented. From an economic development perspective, there are many venture teams that have been formed under Simpson College's EMERGE@Simpson Program. Over 12 of their board members have donated and pledged funds to support the effort.

The Network's Impact
  • Boosting economic development
  • Transforming healthcare medical care delivery
Initial Investment Amount $2,500,000.00
Investment Covered The initial network investment covered several cities
Source of Investment
  • Capital fund
  • Bonds
Other Source of Investment The majority was issued from bonds issued by the IMU Electric Utility
Investment Repaid? No, but subscription revenue is retiring the debt
Services offered
  • Wholesale via open access network (ISPs sell retail)
  • Retail sales of fiber to individuals, businesses, others
  • Sell dark fiber services