Organization Metroplex Communications
Communities Covered Addison, Carrolton, North Dallas, TX
Goals of the Network

Goal was to provide symmetrical 25x25, 50x50, 100x100 to Gigabit for area customers with no hope of getting over 6 megabits from incumbent providers. We wanted to build and be "in the black" with at least $10,000 per month revenue in 90 days. We wanted billing and back office to be working and sufficient.

Goals Achieved

We easily met and surpassed our goals. Building the network took approximately 30 days and with customers paying first bills at 60 days. Approximately 25 customers were paying within 90 days.
3 customers at 100x100
5 customers at 50x50 17 customers at 25x25 Virtually all customers wanted phone lines.
8 customers wanted new phones installed, as well.
These customers had not had adequate internet to ever investigate installing IP phones.

The Network's Impact
  • Boosting economic development
Investment Covered Built most of the network with initial investment
Source of Investment
  • Financial institution (bank, investment firm)
Investment Repaid? No, but subscription revenue is retiring the debt
Services offered
  • Retail sales of fiber to individuals, businesses, others
  • Retail sales of wireless services to individuals, businesses, others
  • Own and sell data center services