Organization The City of Longmont, Longmont Power & Communications, operating the NextLight network.
Communities Covered Longmont, Colorado
Goals of the Network

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In creating NextLight, our 100% fiber-optic and community-owned network, our goals included: 1)To make high-speed broadband both available and affordable to the residents and businesses of Longmont. Private telecommunications companies have not invested in a high-speed network for Longmont, since the return on investment is likely much less than it would be from a Tier 1 community. 2) To strengthen Longmont economically. High-speed Internet service has become vital in the commercial world, and we believe that having a state-of-the-art network will make the city better able to retain the businesses and industries it has and to recruit new ones. 3) To enhance the opportunities for our city's youth and for the St. Vrain Valley School District.

Goals Achieved

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Although we are just beginning to offer service, we have already seen very high interest in NextLight. Our initial launch area of over 500 locations saw a 20% “take rate” in the first week that service was available. Our business plan called for a 7% take rate, so this more than exceeded our expectations and demonstrated that the community’s interest in high-speed broadband is both real and intense. The “affordability” piece has helped to fuel this — we’re offering gigabit service, symmetrical, for $49.95 a month to any residential user who signs up within three months of NextLight’s availability in their area. Our construction process is still going on (we’re building NextLight in six phases, with the goal of offering it everywhere in Longmont by 2017), so we haven’t had a chance to assess the recruitment and retention aims. From what local business owners have been saying to us, though – including a few who signed up as pilot customers – we have every reason to believe that this will be a powerful addition to our community’s economic toolbox. More information about NextLight, its progress and the service it provides can be found online at

The Network's Impact
  • Improving K-12 education
Initial Investment Amount $46,400,000.00
Investment Covered Yes
Source of Investment
  • Bonds
Investment Repaid? Repayment date estimated
Should be repaid by 01/01/2029
Services offered
  • Retail sales of fiber to individuals, businesses, others
  • Retail sales of wireless services to individuals, businesses, others