Organization City of Sandy SandyNet
Communities Covered Sandy, OR
Goals of the Network

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Low cost, ultra-high speed broadband availability for the residents of Sandy. Economic development for the community. Affordable access to robust reliable internet connectivity for our business customers. Both brick and mortar and home based.

Goals Achieved

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We are still in the early phases of deployment on the residential network with approximately 150 customers connected currently. We anticipate having over 1200 customers connected at the end of the project and consider that to be very successful. From a business perspective we have several businesses in Sandy taking advantage of our Gigabit network speeds. They are doing things in their businesses that they would not be able to do without this level of a connection. One business for example performs nightly database synchronization with an office facility they have in Costa Rica. They do this at a price point on our business fiber that is cheaper than what they can get a T1 line for.

The Network's Impact
  • Boosting economic development
Initial Investment Amount $7,500,000.00
Investment Covered Yes
Source of Investment
  • Bonds
  • Other
Other Source of Investment Specifically a revenue bond, not a GO Bond.
Investment Repaid? Repayment date estimated
Should be repaid by 01/01/2034
Services offered
  • Retail sales of fiber to individuals, businesses, others
  • Other
Other internet related services