Organization Town of Rockport/GWI
Communities Covered Rockport
Goals of the Network

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Consolidate all the internet connections. Create single phone system for town and schools (single IT dept). Police to be able to monitor video cameras remotely. Higher connection speeds and redundancy. Control computers in remote locations, etc. Hoping to bring along other services. No current ability to do live TV from local station or broadcast from local hall. Project more about providing system than cost. Huge savings in phone cost seen.

Goals Achieved

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Physical fiber system in place only 6 months now. Only a few building are in place. Core of logical in place. Financial system, website, phone, intercom. All being flipped prior and currently. Building private cloud to have data safety and backup. 3-5x more internet connection speed for voice and data for $2k less per month.

The Network's Impact
  • Increasing local government efficiency
  • Improving K-12 education
Initial Investment Amount $345,000.00
Investment Covered Built most of the network with initial investment
Source of Investment
  • Capital fund
  • Financial institution (bank, investment firm)
Investment Repaid? Repayment date estimated
Should be repaid by 01/01/2024
Services offered
  • Retail sales of fiber to individuals, businesses, others
  • Retail sales of wireless services to individuals, businesses, others