Organization City of idaho Falls Idaho Falls Power Circa is a division
Communities Covered Idaho Falls, ID
Goals of the Network

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2002 network started leasing 30 pairs dark fibers to ISPs who sell to customers. Two goals. Connectivity for all of assets owned by the city, including substations and other resources for the electric utility. To enhance more options in town but without becoming the service provider.

Goals Achieved

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We've had fiber to all facilities for 8-10 years, greatly reduced costs by getting away from leased phone lines, ability to put security cams in place, and other enhancements to city operations. We were very successful reaching our second goal as well. Over 300 businesses have fiber. DOE labs are located here and medical facilities are among those.

The Network's Impact
  • Impacted/impacting all four equally
Initial Investment Amount $3,000,000.00
Investment Covered Yes
Source of Investment
  • Capital fund
Investment Repaid? Repayment date estimated
Should be repaid by 01/01/2015
Services offered
  • Wholesale via open access network (ISPs sell retail)
  • Sell dark fiber services