Organization City of Princeton Electric Department
Communities Covered City of Princeton
Goals of the Network

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Goal became retention of businesses/customers (and jobs) in Princeton. History: Aug 2004 - Lost largest electric and water user customer. Lost 400 jobs (don't know if fiber was the reason) Oct 2004 - 2nd largest customer looking to relocate (another 400 jobs). They told industrial commission it was because there was a lack of telecommunication services in Princeton. Council voted for 12 mile fiber ring. Goal to service customers as fast as possible. Formed a local, private partnership with local ISP. They had more expertise and it kept city from being targeted as privatized business. Just wanted to own fiber and lease it. Selected private company to work with. December hooked up first customer.

Goals Achieved

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Achieved goal by December 2004. Kept the company that wanted to leave. They also invested deeply in the project. This was 10 years ago. Hooked up several customers - either dedicated fiber or shared fiber (multiple customers on shared fiber: mom and pop stores generally) Broadband to banks, hospitals, manufacturing, schools, and residential side too. 150-170 residential customers using service, but don't know how much longer they will offer this service because they can get better bandwidth for a cheaper price elsewhere. Dec 15 - Key customers/businesses invited to hear announcement about fiber network. Within week the phone & cable company decided they would offer service too. City is able to be competitive even though service offered cheaper elsewhere, could be because city of Princeton's name on it and also because you can reach city officials easily. Currently, 29 miles of fiber in town. 12 customers have fiber to home. Illinois critical care network and hospitals using fiber. Elementary schools all linking together.

The Network's Impact
  • Impacted/impacting all four equally
Initial Investment Amount $500,000.00
Investment Covered Yes
Source of Investment
  • Capital fund
Investment Repaid? Yes
Services offered
  • Wholesale via open access network (ISPs sell retail)
  • Retail sales of fiber to individuals, businesses, others
  • Sell dark fiber services