Organization City of Gainesville - Gainesville Regional Utilities - GRUCom Gainesville, Florida
Communities Covered We primarily have a fiber network in the Gainesville, Fl metro area. However, we have connectivity to Atlanta, Ga(Telx bldg), Jacksonville, Fl and Miami, FL (Terremark bldg) and use purchased circuits to provide services throughout the state of Florida and we have had requests to provide services to other regions/states in the country and to Canada. We negotiate transport to remote areas through companies such as Earthlink or Level 3
Goals of the Network

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Gainesville, 20 years ago, in Telecom Industry terms was a Tier 3 location. However because the University of Florida and Sante Fe college are located here it actually had/has Tier 1 telecom requirements. GRUCom believed it could provide the Tier 1 services cost effectively. GRUCom provide provides Data transport services for local institutions (UF, county and local government, school system, etc), local and regional commercial businesses, broadband (50 Mbps+) for MDUs (6,000+ ethernet ports), some SFH FTTH broadband and backhaul for major cell providers (we own 13 tower locations) - backhaul is to Jacksonville, Fl - we are attached to many more cell towers via purchased circuits and fiber builds. We also provide cell tower leasing services (rent a spot on the towers) and colocation services in our central office. We do operate in the black.

Goals Achieved

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See question #4. We have grown mostly by listening to pull from the community - that is, what services does the community need/want as opposed to 'if you build it they will come'. We have not, for example, sans business case built FTTH and hoped we could sell enough services to be profitable.

The Network's Impact
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Investment Covered Yes
Source of Investment
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Other Source of Investment Foggy - it started 20 years ago
Investment Repaid? Yes
Services offered
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