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Day 58 – N. Carolina Broadband Battle’s Toll on Private Business

Another vote looms in another NC legislative committee that appears to be on the verge of pushing anti-muni network bill H129 a little further down the line. It’s time to rally one more effort to get on legislators’ phones and e-mail boxes. In particular, we need to involve those broadband supporters who haven’t had time […]

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Day 30 – N. Carolina Broadband Battle of Inches Shifts Momentum

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I coach two adult women’s soccer teams because, well, heaven knows I don’t have enough to occupy my time. Like many coaches, I appreciate our Hollywood counterparts’ inspirational speeches that make eyes misty and lower lips quiver, like this one by Al Pacino. Though the analogies don’t quite line up as well for soccer, I think […]

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Day 18 – The Battle for N. Carolina Broadband Rolls On

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If a picture is worth 1000 words, then this one of Time Warner’s favorite pocket legislator, Rep. Marilyn Avila, with Time Warners lobbyists of the hour, Brad Phillips and Marc Trathen (r), says it all about broadband’s shaky future in North Carolina. If North Carolina goes to bed next Thursday night with We the People […]

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Day 4 – The Battle for North Carolina Broadband

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Well, so much for the value of representative democracy. That concept took a big hit yesterday. Community representatives in N. Carolina were led to believe by state house member Avila, “author” of this Time Warner anti-community network bill, that she was bringing both sides of the bill together yesterday to discuss a fair resolution to […]

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Day 2 – The Battle for North Carolina Broadband

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A couple of weeks ago I spoke in Salisbury, NC to the Mayor, City Council, several state legislators and a couple hundred stakeholders/fans of the city’s Fibrant fiber network (the video’s embedded in Salisbury Post article). The gist of my talk was to spell out how to use the network to impact economic development. Early […]

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N. Carolina’s Broadband Fight for Freedom to Choose is Now!

Well, this looks like the year Time Warner and other incumbents bring a true scorched earth approach to their quest to eliminate N. Carolina communities’ right to make their own best decisions about saving and expanding local economies. This latest anti-muni network bill is the most expansive legislator-facilitated attack on community freedom I’ve seen in […]

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Battlin’ for Community Broadband from DC to NC and Beyond

Last week was pretty intense. Two cross-country trips that reflect the hope and the frustration of fighting for better broadband. In Washington, DC on Monday enduring the frustration of rolling that “public good” boulder once again up the hill of opposition made steep by the influence of corporate interests. In Salisbury, NC on Friday to […]

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Strengthen the FCC’s Hand through Third Party Validation

While it’s easy this week to get caught up in the Google-Verizon news and bemoan the end of the Internet as we know it (though I think the real news is that Verizon gave net neutrality advocates a HUGE boost), a little watched sub-plot is cooking in the FCC vs. incumbents Battle for DC Domination. The […]

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RUS in a Post-Broadband Stimulus World

Rural Utilities Services (RUS) Administrator Jonathan Adelstein and I have had a couple of opportunities to chat at events where one or both of us delivered presentations. Since we’ve had some interesting exchanges I decided to go for a formal Q & A with the one of the three central figures in the broadband stimulus […]

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“What’s Next After Broadband Stimulus?” and Other Valuable Webinars

A couple of weeks ago I made a swing through D.C. to meet with some folks and continue building support for Communities United for Broadband. I also delivered “What’s Next After Broadband Stimulus?” at the New America Foundation. You can watch the presentation here. This session helps you understand a little better what local communities’ […]

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