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Even Broadband Can Use a 12-Step Program

Last week I announced Communities United for Broadband, a group dedicated to harnessing the enthusiasm for gigabit broadband Google stirred up into a national campaign for community broadband. We believe communities working together can produce higher levels of success for each community. We’re giving people information they can put into action, links to knowledge resources, […]

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Final Tips on Surviving Broadband Stimulus March to Madness

[This is really long. Print it out for the train ride home] There are two large incumbents in the Cape Cod, MA area. OpenCape is the nonprofit-driven public/private partnership that just won a bunch of BTOP stimulus grant money to build a massive middle mile network. And here is a total random event that typifies […]

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Taking Action on the New NOFA Rules

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Welcome to NOFA 2 and the 60-day march through hell (for some) to $4 billion. After Friday afternoon’s sudden delivery of the preliminary set of NOFA rules, I made the comment that it is good that the agencies are going their separate ways. Trying to keep the NTIA/RUS marriage together for the sake of the […]

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Possible Game Changer in Broadband Strategy Development

It seems Universal Service Fund (USF) reform is THE news item of the day since yesterday telecos wireless ISPs and others filed comments with the FCC regarding the agency’s efforts in this initiative. The Feds want to expand the USF, which now mainly addresses telephone service in rural areas, to make a few additional billion […]

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Gates Foundation Proposal – Linchpin to National Broadband Strategy?

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A few days ago the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sent analysis data to the FCC postulating that $5 – $10 billion could install fiber networks in most of the anchor institutions (hospitals, medical facilities, schools) in the U.S. The FCC quickly issued a public request for comment to validate the financial and technology assumptions […]

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The Smart Path to Broadband Mapping

I often address the serious need for a broadband mapping strategy that doesn’t involve Connected Nation. Today I lay out one strategy for getting better maps faster, and for a much more reasonable cost than the alternative.  Here’s why mapping is critical to underserved communities’ ability to get broadband, and why poor mapping threatens to […]

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Network Sustainability. Sustainable Broadband Adoption. Two Sides of the Same Coin.

I delivered a presentation and facilitated a workshop on broadband adoption in northern California yesterday. Far away from the Bay Area – and reliable broadband. Imagine the irony of giving a presentation on broadband in a location where you don’t have access to it. Or is that empathy? I feel your pain.  Lots of folks […]

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NTIA Grant Schedule: The Crapshoot and the Catch–22

Last week the Dept. of Commerce’s NTIA came out with a schedule that was a little off in the date when grants will be awarded, and their oft-quoted March 10 commitment to start handing out the big bucks in June. Though NTIA told inquiring reporters that they weren’t late (a mere technical quibble), the reality […]

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Fighting the Next Good Fight: Assessing what our national broadband strategy should be

Finally, it’s done. The supplement to my 2008 national survey that asked what economic development professionals think about using broadband to impact economic outcomes. In November I took a broad look at how broadband can: – attract and retain businesses; – make businesses more prosperous; – increase the creation of home-based businesses; and – help […]

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Outtakes – Effective Needs Analysis

I’m writing a series of Mobile Enterprise Magazine articles on effective strategies and processes for implementing mobile workforce apps. I always get more comments and insights from interviews than I can use so I’m going to give you some of those interview outtakes. My recent July article was on effective needs analysis. Among those I […]

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