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In Broadband, the Questions Not Asked Can Kill Ya

I tell people in my presentations and workshops that knowing the right questions to ask is often equally or more important than the answers you get. Or the corollary of this philosophy, the questions you don’t ask could doom your project. The ship Titantic’s front hull was built and fortified in answer to the question […]

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The Middle Mile/Last Mile Disconnect

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Last Thursday Washington, DC announced they’re powering up a 100-gig network, funded in large part by broadband stimulus money. If I’m not mistaken they’re the only urban area to get money for an infrastructure project. That’s kind of a pity since urban areas have some pressing infrastructure needs that get ignored by the media. But […]

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Outspent 60:1, Longmont Kicks Comcast’s Assets

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Comcast and its allies spent $300,000 to unleash every trick and tactic in the campaign playbook to try to kill a measure that gives Longmont, CO citizens and businesses the right to pick their own best broadband solutions. Measure 2A supporters spent $5,000, if that. Yea though we walk through the valley in the shadow […]

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Vision Check at Google’s Gigabit (Kansas) Cities

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Near the end of June I swung into the two Kansas Cities (Kansas and Missouri) to see how things are going now that the euphoria was starting to wear off from the announcement that Google is awarding both cities a gigabit network. This was probably one of the most anticipated announcement in the tech world […]

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Take the Chattanooga Choo Choo to Broadband’s Future

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“Chattanooga is what the Internet will look like in 10 years. We’re 10 times faster 10 years sooner than the goals established in the National Broadband Plan.”  Harold DePriest, President – EPB. My May broadband site visit to Chattanooga was very enlightening. Something akin to time travel as I got to see some interesting applications made […]

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I haven’t been putting out as much commentary lately, what with two trips to Dallas (one for Broadband Summit) and a broadband site visit to Chattanooga. Details on the Chattanooga trip should be out this weekend. But here are a few of the pieces I’ve written tackling broadband marketing and also broadband’s potential impact on […]

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Battlin’ for Community Broadband from DC to NC and Beyond

Last week was pretty intense. Two cross-country trips that reflect the hope and the frustration of fighting for better broadband. In Washington, DC on Monday enduring the frustration of rolling that “public good” boulder once again up the hill of opposition made steep by the influence of corporate interests. In Salisbury, NC on Friday to […]

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Hey, Your National Broadband Map’s Here.

I listened to NTIA’s press briefing on the national broadband map (NBM) and when it was over, I posed the question on Twitter: What do we have? We have 1) An expensive map, though mercifully under budget. 2) A data intensive map (I’m seriously awed by the breadth of it). 3) A nice tool for […]

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National Broadband Strategy Needs A JFK, a Google That Delivers and Competition

“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.” President John F. Kennedy, 1961. In July of 1969, the first man walked on the moon and returned safely to the earth. This simple […]

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Craig Settles’ Broadband Triple Play

I’ve been busy these past few weeks since finishing my last client assignment. Believing the digital pen is mightier than the sword, I tackled several aspects of the National Broadband Plan. There’s a lot of the nation’s collective hope for better broadband behind this document, plus the hard work and earnest intent of an army […]

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