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The Middle Mile/Last Mile Disconnect

Last Thursday Washington, DC announced they’re powering up a 100-gig network, funded in large part by broadband stimulus money. If I’m not mistaken they’re the only urban area to get money for an infrastructure project. That’s kind of a pity since urban areas have some pressing infrastructure needs that get ignored by the media. But […]

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Interview with Jonathan Adelstein on New $700 Million Broadband Program

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The USDA’s Rural Utilities Services (RUS) recently announced they’re hoping to make $700 million available for broadband projects through the agency’s Farm Bill Broadband Program. While not as substantial as the BIP program, nevertheless this is a sizeable enough payload to make a big difference in a fair number of communities. However, the actual money […]

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After the Stimulus, Now What – Sound Marketing Maybe?

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Last Monday I participated in a Broadband Breakfast panel in DC that examined the effectiveness and shortcomings of the broadband stimulus program. It was a pretty good session since there was one person representing a winning project team and one whose team did not come away with an award. Charles Benton, head of the Benton […]

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Sel-te’s Inferno – Where Winning Broadband Stimulus $$ Can Be Its Own Special Hell

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Welcome to Sel-te’s Inferno. A short take on the recently concluded broadband stimulus awards. Ye award winners who enter this post need not abandon all hope, but you might want to brace yourself because winning the big bucks isn’t all happy days and peaceful nights that you might expect. Each round of awards brought with […]

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RUS in a Post-Broadband Stimulus World

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Rural Utilities Services (RUS) Administrator Jonathan Adelstein and I have had a couple of opportunities to chat at events where one or both of us delivered presentations. Since we’ve had some interesting exchanges I decided to go for a formal Q & A with the one of the three central figures in the broadband stimulus […]

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Take It to the Bridge!

Morning folks, Today’s hitting 10.5 in the Insanity Scale as NOFA 2 ambles toward the extended finish lines in one part of D.C. while the FCC preps for the rollout of the national broadband plan in another part of town. It’s so bad, I woke up three columns and two blog posts behind. One (of […]

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Final Tips on Surviving Broadband Stimulus March to Madness

[This is really long. Print it out for the train ride home] There are two large incumbents in the Cape Cod, MA area. OpenCape is the nonprofit-driven public/private partnership that just won a bunch of BTOP stimulus grant money to build a massive middle mile network. And here is a total random event that typifies […]

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Going for Google Broadband Gold (one NC community’s approach)

Sponsor Less Pain More Gain Simplify the mapping, planning and buildout of your network Google recently turned the broadband world on its ear by announcing it’s going to set up fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks for a handful of lucky communities that will deliver 1 gigabit per second speeds. Dozens of cities large and small are lining […]

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NOFA 2 Lessons from a Round 1 Winner

This post is sponsored by: Eliminate many sleepless nights gathering broadband usage data with ID Insight’s Broadband Scout.  As everyone scrambles to make one last charge into broadband stimulus history – for better or worse – here’s a hopefully helpful post to give you at least a tiny edge in your pursuit of the gold. […]

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Eliminate Weeks from Your NOFA 2 Prep Time!

Promotional Announcement Some of you have followed my blog for months and know I’m pretty spot-on with my assessment of the broadband stimulus terrain, and broadband strategy in general. I bring this expertise to my evaluations of the few 3rd-party services I select to complement mine. Here are two that pass the test. Eliminate weeks […]

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