Your winning business & marketing plan

Will your community broadband network improve your local economy, make your government more efficient, transform your medical and healthcare delivery and boost the quality of your education system? With the right business and marketing plan, your network can.

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Your network is a communication utility that you have to financially sustain. That requires recruiting customers and partnerships with dozens of companies and organizations. We help your broadband team and stakeholders create a plan suited to your needs that they maintain and grow.

The three main steps to our service are:

1. A series of preliminary interviews with key stakeholders creates the foundation of your plan. Those discussions involve representatives of the –

  • mayor’s office and city council
  • public library
  • medical community
  • chamber of commerce
  • school district and college/university
  • public safety agencies
  • seniors community
  • neighborhood associations

These interviews identity customers as well as organizations, companies and associations that can become marketing partners.

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2. A day-long Imagine the Possible brainstorming session stakeholders and citizens to generate business strategies, marketing tactics, ideas and suggestions to build the customer base.

3. A written business and marketing action plan that presents activities, schedules, objectives, marketing messages and recommendations that the broadband team can implement immediately or as needed.