Craig Settles’ views on broadband business strategy and developments in the industry are frequently sought out by the media. He is a frequent resource and contributor for technology, business and daily news outlets. Here is a listing of his recent coverage.


FastCompany 1/21/21: It’s time to fully embrace telehealth—for the COVID-19 crisis and beyond

DailyYonder 1/20/21: Telehealth Could Help Tackle Hospital Bed Shortages Caused by Covid-19

GovTech 12/15/20: How to Secure Federal Broadband Grants

Daily Yonder 10/22/20: Rural Public Libraries as Telehealth Providers During Covid-19

GovTech 8/3/20: Feds Fail to Fund Urban Telehealth Parity

FastCompany Telehealth saved my life. Here’s how to make it even better

RCR Wireless 6/19/20: The wireless route to telehealth

GovTech 6/9/20: Broadband Not Enough to Close Health-Care Gap

Benton Foundation 4/30/20: COVID Exposes “Healthcare Gap”

Broadband Community Magazine (4/9/20):  Telehealth – We’ll Leave the Light on for Ya!

Benton Foundation (1/8/20): Shave and a Haircut – and Telehealth


GovTech  2/23/21: Survey Explores Link Between Telehealth and Economic Success

Forbes 1/15/21: Rapper Rick Ross Invests $1 Million In Telehealth Startup Jetdoc

mHealthintelligence 11/9/20: AMA Foundation Supports Telehealth Initiative in Chicago’s West Side

Community Bits (Christopher Mitchell) 8/12/20: We Can’t Build It and Just Assume People Will Come

mhealthintelligence 7/8/20: Community Broadband Programs Bring Telehealth to Underserved Populations

 Becker’s Hospital Review  6/12/20: Telehealth expansion strategies must go beyond broadband access

Govt Technology 4/30/20: Boston Constructs Telehealth-Capable Facility in Seven Days

mhealthintelligence 1/31/20: A Telehealth Project in Cleveland Combines Hair Care and Healthcare

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