Craig Settles conducts needs analyses with community stakeholders who want broadband networks to improve economic development, healthcare, education and local government. Mr. Settles’ needs analyses opens up additional opportunities to raise money for networks, as well as increase the financial sustainability of your network. He’s been doing this work since 2006.

Our partnership with National Community Development Services (NCDS) enables us to execute broadband fundraising campaigns that can raise money for the network and/or seed money for additional funding of the network. Partnerships with several independent professionals offering complementary expertise enables CJ Speaks to address communities that require feasibility studies and business planning for their networks.

Since 2006 Mr. Settles has provided community broadband consulting services. His public-sector client list includes Ottumwa, IA, Riverside, Benicia and Glendale, CA and the State of California. Calix, Ciena and Juniper Networks are among those on his private sector client list. In addition, he has testified for the FCC and on Capital Hill.

Mr. Settles hosts the radio talk show Gigabit Nation, and is Director of Communities United for Broadband, a national grass roots effort to assist communities launching their networks. His in-depth analysis reports are valuable resources for community broadband project teams and stakeholders. Building the Gigabit City, Mr. Settles’ blog, further showcases his expertise in this area. His latest book, of the same name, translates Mr. Settles’ skills at broadband strategy development into a planning guide every community project team should read.

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In 1999 Mr. Settles served as Dir. of Electronic Commerce for Metricom, which marketed Ricochet wireless Internet access service, the pre-cursor to today’s municipal wireless networks. He authored Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless in 2005.

Mr. Settles is frequently called upon as an municipal broadband expert for journalists at CNN, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time Magazine and a host of business, technology and local media outlets. He has spoken at various conferences in the U.S, Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.